“Rejoice in the Lord always! I say it again. Rejoice! Everyone should see how unselfish you are….” Phil. 4: 4-5. As I write my first article as the incoming fifty fifth Grand Knight I look back at all those before me that have dedicated their hard work for this Council, my predecessor Tom Sommerville bringing us out of the tail end of this frustrating pandemic, the many Past Grand Knights that have stayed involved and provided valuable guidance and mentoring, to the individuals that have pitched in to serve this Council in so many fun and productive activities. Of course, I think of both my parents who instilled in me the faith that has brought me to this day. I ask that you pray for me and the Council that this be a successful year and I look forward to serving and leading the Delaney Family in supporting our charities through all our efforts for this upcoming year. As the Columbian year starts, we come to our Country’s birthday - may we recall all those that sacrificed for us so that we are able to celebrate our freedoms. Even today these freedoms are challenged throughout the world, may we stay fervent in our Catholic faith and find strength from each other and in Christ Jesus. Perhaps you will join me in July at Holy Rood where we will gather to pray over our namesake’s resting place or share an evening of fun at a Trivia Night we are planning in late July. I look forward to seeing all at the August Annual Council Picnic. Yours in Christ, Matt Antonucci, Grand Knight

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Bulletin 7-6-22

Memorial Mass

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May Crowning and Living Rosary 2022...

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Chancellors Corner

Preparing my first article I hope you are all well and enjoying the Summer weather. To all those who had children or grandchildren graduate or move up to their next level of education, congratulations and good luck. As you face new challenges, pray and look to Jesus; seek God’s assistance and blessings, for as it is written in the Bible, “Ask and you shall receive.” If you remember this, God will not let you down. I begin my term as Chancellor and Program Director with a request to all our brothers; try to attend meetings, help with our committees and events, ask someone to join our council, do at least one thing so our council continues to grow. There are a few dates to mark on your calendar: July 5th – Tuesday - Executive Meeting July 7th –Thursday - Council Meeting July 24th – Sunday – Placing of Flowers at the gravesite of Msgr. William A. Delaney (Holy Rood Cemetery) August 2nd – Tuesday - Executive Meeting

August 4th – Thursday – Council Meeting August 21st – Sunday – Council Picnic (Marjorie Post Park, Massapequa, Noon – 5pm) August 30th – Tuesday - Executive Meeting September 1st – Thursday - Council Meeting September 15th – Thursday - Council Social Meeting September 25th – Sunday - Installation of Officers May the Blessings of

God be with you and your Families.

Michael G. Antonucci Chancellor


Membership Report

Thanks to all the brothers who recruited new members to join our Delaney family in the 2021 – 2022 Fraternal Year. A new Fraternal Year is upon us, a clean slate, a new goal, and another year to continue asking every eligible Catholic man to join or order. Congratulations to our GK elect and his administration and well wishes for another great year at Msgr. Delaney Council, remember to “Just Ask” and use the www.kofc.org/joinus to sign up prospects. -SK Thomas M. Moran PGK FDD Membership Chairman NYS Council/Nassau County Conference/ Nassau Chapter Report Thank you to my Delaney brothers for your support in my re-election as your Nassau County Conference Vice- Chairman, here are some upcoming Nassau Conference, Nassau Chapter, and New York State Council activities. The New York State Council is holding the annual Fraternal Year Kick Off meeting and Officer’s Indoctrination on July 22nd – 24th at the Villa Roma resort in Callicoon, NY. The Nassau Conference is having a Comedy Night at Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown on Thursday July 14th, tickets are $25 and there is a two-item purchase required at the club. The Nassau Chapter is holding their annual Family Picnic on Saturday July 30th, 12pm at Majorie Post Park in Massapequa, tickets are $20 for individual and $50 for immediate family. The next Nassau Chapter meeting is July 15th 8pm at Our Lady of the Island Council, all 3rd Degree members are encouraged to attend The next Nassau Conference meeting is scheduled for November 28th with location TBD 


We are open again please contact Bob Yurasits at 516-390-1281 or 516-391-5983 to make a reservation

Lounge Area

Recent members Passing

Eternal rest grant unto them,

 O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. 

May they rest in peace


Thomas J Smith 1/31/2021

Dan Crumlish 2/8/2021

John J Budnick 3/18/2021

Robert M Pfaltz 4/21/2021

John Russo 4/28/2021

Charles J Schiatta 4/30/2021

John Kolakowski 5/5/2021

Robert H. Marquardt 5/10/2021

Thommy Brown 05/08/2022

Richard F Mclaughlin 5/11/2021

Joseph A Bermudez 6/4/2021

Edward R. Scutellaro 6/29/2021

PGK Mathew J Ruggiero 7/4/2021

Robert B Cruickshank 7/17/2021

John J Daley 7/20/2021

Gene Obrien 9/5/2021

Anthony Iovino 6/9/2021

Brother Knights,
Please make your dues check for $40 payable to:
Msgr Delaney Council
Mail to:

If you have not submitted membership dues. Please do it as soon as you can.

St. James Parish - Fr. John Pastor

Link to the Parish Website


Since the last Knight Light, the following members were

selected for the progressive Attendance Award:

March 6 Robert Wurtz $35 Not PresentThe prize at the next council meeting will be $40.

You must be present to win. Good Luck!

106 Air Rescue Wing $100
Birthright   $100

Brother Knights,
Please make your dues check for $40 payable to:
Msgr Delaney Council
Mail to:

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Thank you to our local busineses for supporting the Msgr. William Delaney Knights of Columbus Council 5983. Please try and support them.

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