300 CLUB Hello to all my Brother Knights, Sister Columbiettes and loyal supporters of the 300 Club, Our 300 Club party was held on April 6th in the base-ment at Delaney Hall. I would like to extend my thanks to Fr. John Derasmo for allowing us the use of this great space. I would also like to thank all the brothers who came down to help set up the room. My biggest thanks goes out to Joe Falce, my co-chair for all the hard work he does to make the party happen. Our next party will be held on September 7. Keep reading the Knight Light for details coming up in the next few months. We still have a few numbers open for sale, for $30 you get a chance to win cash during our 6 monthly draw-ings and admission to our bi-annual party with Food, Beer, Wine and entertainment all included! If you wish to buy a number OR you need to pay for your current number please contact me via my info below. These are the results for the final drawings of this last period.

4th Drawing Miller, Ruth $25.00 Raffa, Jim $25.00 Foley, Tom $25.00 Matera, Jim $25.00
D'Amico, Debbie $25.00

Chirco, Arlene $25.00 Sommerville, Tommy $50.00 Antonucci, Matt $50.00 Delio, Louis $100.00

5th Drawing
Matzinger, Donna $25.00 Cabri, Dominick $25.00 Venezia, Frank $25.00 Bunker, Terry $25.00 Schaffer, Scott $25.00 Matera, Jim $25.00 Marazita, John $50.00 Matera, Connie $50.00 Angioli, Chick $100.00 6th Drawing
Calori, Sam $25.00 Matzinger, Larry $25.00 Castaldi, Frank $25.00 Deanna, Gianni $25.00 Houlihan, Mike $25.00 Flynn, Alice $25.00 Connelly, Jo $50.00 Calori, Sam $50.00 Angioli, Chick $100.00 Gribbin, James $200.00 Jankowski, Mike $1,000.0

I wish you all good luck in the upcoming drawings and God Bless. c Giuseppe Mendola, Co-Chairman, 300 Club