Forty Five years ago in the early 70’s. I Started the K of C Gun Club at ST Pius X Conklin Ave. in Canarsie Brooklyn. However, at that time we were a non- profit club as per our charter.

We had other names during our growth as a club. We were known as The Carnarsie Gun Club, Triboro Gun Club. K of C Memorare Gun Club, prior to it becoming Msgr. Delaney Knights of Columbus Sportsman’s Club.

Our club was mostly dedicated to firearms and hunting in the early years but we expanded to fishing as our membership grew. We went on trips, fishing, hunting, shooting, picnics, range target shoot competition etc. Some trips were out of State like, Colorado, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, NJ, Canada,  Virginia, to mention a few.

Hunter safety was always our main goal from the start of our club. As the years progressed we became more involved by becoming certified instructors for the New York State Conservation Department  (DEC). We now have over 6 certified instructors in Firearms and Archery instructions. We conduct over three classes per year in our faculty with over 1000 men, woman and children passing thru our courses. 

The members on all levels always help generate money for both the council and club to keep us going. We donate our own money, time and materials to help anyone in the council. With the donations we raise we help support charities for the handicap, veteran clubs, seeing eye programs and functions that are run by our council to help generate funds for charities and our church.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself what is a club. There are many answers, it’s a place to learn, a fraternal part of our council, a place to bring friends, family and our children. It can be a place to give back to your community and your fellow members.

The sportsman’s club is a part of the Knights of Columbus and we dedicate ourselves to serving everyone in our community.

I dedicate this article to all those no longer with us, but shared in our growth, and made it a great organization.

Tony Amato PGK