Grand Knight Dennis Winkler
Deputy Grand Knight Al Lahood
Chancellor Thomas Sommerville
Recorder Gary Rodetis
Treasurer Vin LoBiondo
Warden Matt Antonucci
Advocate PGK Keith Wilson
Inside Guard Paul Nadolny
Inside Guard Ed Ferro
Outside Guard William Greuner
Outside Guard Mark Antonucci
1 year Trustee Tim Carney
3 year Trustee Anthony Scuderi
Chapter Delegates
Dennis Winkler
Al Lahood
PGK Keith Wilson
Delegates to State Convention
GK Delegate Elected Grand Knight
Alternate GK Delegate Al Lahood
PGK Delegate PGK Anthony Scuderi
Alternate PGK Delegate PGK Tom Moran
Corporation Board of Directors (Two Year Terms)
Director at Large PGK James Gribbin
Director at Large PGK Chick Angioli
Director at Large Deacon Chris Daniello